Picking up the pieces

For those who may not read this blog often, allow me a moment to explain the real purpose behind this site. On the surface, it appears to be a simple game review/geek culture blog. But in reality it’s a very personal pet project of mine. As a child growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I loved gaming. Retro gaming nostalgia is something very important to me. As someone who was a big gamer as a kid/teen, who then abandoned the hobby for several years, before picking it back up as an adult – I decided that it would be a fun project to revisit many of the games from my youth, and share my thoughts online. During the course of this project, I also delighted in playing many of the games that I overlooked when I was younger.

So far in course of this site, I’ve touched on my gaming roots starting with 80’s arcade titles, ATARI 2600, and of course the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. My reviews progressed from there to SNES, Gameboy and even revisiting my early PC gaming experience. About two years ago, I started playing and discussing games for the Playstation console. To date, I’ve discussed several classic PS1 titles: Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania Chronicles, Symphony of the Night, FF7, FF8 and FF9. But there’s still plenty more classic “must play” games from this era that I’ve never experienced.

Once I started my reviews of Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 – I found myself sucked into a rathole of sorts. I decided to set aside my Playstation reviews for a while and focus on getting caught up to date in the world of Final Fantasy. I recently accomplished this goal, so now I find myself picking up pieces and trying to determine where to set foot back into my generational playthroughs.

There’s a large number of games for PS1 that I want to experience and discuss. A great many of these are extremely long RPGs. While I do want to play them, I also don’t want to get sucked into another 2-year campaign on being stuck on PS1 titles – all the while, neglecting other game consoles from the generation. So what I’ve decided to do, is alternate a bit.

I’ll review a few more PS1 titles, then I want to take a look at some Nintendo 64 titles. Maybe even mix in some of the turn of the century PC titles as well. But don’t worry. I’ll still be sure to break up the monotony with a sprinkling of modern games as well. In fact, I’ve already started. Expect my first back-on-track review of a PS1 classic before the end of the month!

Update: Final Fantasy Initiative

Just a brief update regarding the my Final Fantasy playthrough initiative.  So far on this site, I’ve played and reviewed every game in the series from the original Final Fantasy all the way to Final Fantasy XI (and it’s expansions). This brings us to Final Fantasy XII.

Now, I started playing this title on my PS3 about a month ago but I’m only about five hours in so far. I blame summer vacation on this delay. My kids are home full time and there’s a lot of competition for the TV. On top of that, the game has some minor graphics issues on the PS3. It’s quite playable, but the emulation seems to struggle with this title a bit. On top of that, I have a sneaking suspicion that SE is going to announce an HD remake of the FFXII at E3 later this month. So, I’m going to put my playthrough on hold while I wait to see if there is an announcement. If not, I’ll resume my playthrough right away. If XII HD is announced, I may decide to place the FF playthrough on hold until the release. We shall see. Have no fear, if such a thing does occur, I’ll be sure to resume my exploration in PS1 titles (a task I was undertaking prior to the FF playthrough).